Care and Empower (nutrition program)

We care for the little ones and empower their guardians/parents.

More than 80% of the people in Tanzania predominantly depend on subsistence agriculture for their living. 40% of households experience food shortages in some months or often.  Studies conducted in Tanzania indicate that, 60% of children especially in rural areas do not have full access to food or are reported to eat less than 3 meals per day. U5 mortality in Tanzania is estimated to be 110 per 1000 babies. While U5 Mortality rate due to malnutrition is 1

260 per 1000 babies. The rate of stunting is about 40% among all children except those who are in least poor households. The major causes of death for U5 is Malaria, Malnutrition and infection (Pneumonia/diarrhoeal. All these diseases affect appetite –food intake as well as body’s use of energy and other nutrients, consequently undermining the child’s nutritional status, threatening death. The common food for infants in Tanzania is porridge (gruel) very few mothers add protein-rich ingredients such as milk, beans, groundnuts, dagaa (dried sardines) or an egg. Notably Children are usually fed the same food that the rest of the family eats. Our special program care and empower provides nutritional support to U5 children’s in remote rural areas focusing on preventing, malnutrition, starvation and stunted growth. We also build the capacity of U5 households by training on good feeding practices for children also a need to help them understand and respond to their children’s nutritional needs and support families to grow nutritious food at home and engage in economic empowerment activities (income generating) so that they can feed, educate and care for their children sustainability.