Peace provides a conducive environment for children to grow non-violently. Our focus is to strengthen the capacity of ordinary people at the community level to handle conflict in nonviolent ways, bringing change in their lives through the tools of mobilization and advocacy leading to sustainable peace.

 Peace Education
The objective of the HCA-CMI Peace Education is to advance the growth of real peace in Tanzania by improving self-understanding as well as relationship understanding between people and communities, thereby reducing the likelihood of violent behavior and conflicts. In order to achieve this, HCA-CMI works with people throughout the region regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion.

3Non-Violence Training
HCA-CMI organizes workshop and action based non- violence training programs across the region for helping people to realize the power of non- violence. These workshops are at three levels: (1) Grass root Level, (2) National Level and (3) Regional Level The aim of training is to promote peace through non-violence action focusing on providing wide space for action based training for learners and peace workers.