Who are We

MARY MASELEHope for Children in Adversity- (HCA) is dedicated to prevent children from growing up vulnerable, empty and alone. HCA believes that children belong in families therefore our major focus is to mobilize and empower families, and communities to use available local resources to meet children’s needs. HCA strives to break down the umbrella of poverty, diseases, discrimination, stigmatization, and loneliness that surround these children.

HCA works according to a simple basic principal that every child is entitled to love, shelter, food, health, education, security and care. HCA gives children the chances and opportunities they deserve. We help children who are most in need grow strong, maintain health, become independent, develop self-worth, and self-determination. Our desire is for children to have a full and rich life despite their circumstances. We strive to mobilize and empower communities and families to take action to create prosperous future for themselves and for their children. We focus on strengthening local capacity to support the most vulnerable children in the community and foster ownership and sustainability of activities and support.

 Our Vision: “Children in adversity in Tanzanian communities live life full of love, joy, hope, and peace with their basic needs met”.

Our Mission: “To empower families and communities to be able to meet children’s basic needs of food, shelter, education, health, and legal protection and to facilitate social, economic and environmental improvement of the communities in the catchment areas.”

Values: Our core values, which is our Pillars of success

  • Commitment to work
  • Empowerment
  • Participation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Innovation and creativity.