STEM Girl (Education)

img-20161122-wa0008STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education support for Intelligent but economically disadvantaged girls in Tanzania.

A strategic investment in girls’ education in Tanzania will reap a positive social and economic result that can impact generations within a single family and within communities.

img-20161122-wa0009A young girl’s success hinges upon her access to choices and to resources. If she is able to choose to go to school she will then be more apt to learn a skill, become employed, spend her income on her family, invest her savings, act in her own best interests, and benefit from her own achievements.

Girls performance in mathematics and science subjects on Tanzania’s national examinations (primary and secondary levels) during the past five years has, in most cases been below than that of boys.

Studies show that each year of secondary education increases a girl’s potential income by 15 to 25 percent. Evidence also suggests that a young woman with a secondary school education,
• Is less likely to marry as a teenager;
• Will participate in community life and healthy decision-making;
• Will have fewer, healthier children;
• Will encourage education for her own children.

The focus of STEM GIRL program is to produce girls with necessary skills and competencies to meet the technology demands of national development in a technological age, understanding that there is a link between science, technology and development.

img-20161122-wa0007We provide education support (school fees, education materials, transport, uniforms) to vulnerable girls who have done well in STEM subjects but are economically disadvantaged and does not have the means to continue with studies a program we hope will stimulate, sensitize and create a health competition between girls in Tanzania